HE/SH Heaters The Multi Instruments contact heaters are available as Ex-d ATEX, GOST-Ex & CSA certified self-limiting electric element heaters as well as steam heaters.
The compact design allows mounting under almost all Multi Instruments manifolds by using just one M8 mounting bolt.
All contact heaters are produced in high quality stainless steel. Steam heaters can be fitted with either metric or imperial size twin ferrule fittings of your choice.
Electric contact heaters are supplied with a shielded ultra-low/high temperature and chemical resistant cable.
The low power consumption can significantly save energy on winterizing a total installation.
• ATEX Ex d IIC T3/T4 Gb (also GOST-Ex)
• CSA-us: Class I, Zone 1 AEx d IIC T3
• c-USA: Ex d IIC T3


IK-1 IK-2 The Multi Instruments insulation kit's provides thermal and mechanical protection to the "weakest" part of any pressure hookup, being the interface between hookup and impulse lines. Often the connectors are left open and this gap results in a cold spot where liquid inside impulse lines will freeze up making the measurement fail.
The IK-1 and IK-2 insulation kit provides a fire retardant, anti-static and high insulation value cover that connects seamless to the mounting plate on the hookup side and provides a slide over interface to the aluminum insulation cover of the impulse lines.

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