HE/SH EEx self-limiting electric and steam contact heaters

The Multi Instruments contact heaters are available as EEx ATEX certified self-limiting electric element heaters as well as steam heaters. The compact design allows mounting under almost all Multi Instruments manifold by using just one or two mounting bolts.
All contact heaters are produced in high quality stainless steel. Steam heaters can be fitted with either metric or imperial size twin ferrule fittings of your choice.
Electric contact heaters are supplied with a shield armored high temperature and chemical resistant cable.

The low power consumption can significantly save energy on winterizing a total installation.

Added Value

This option along with options like body enclosures, junction boxes, sunshades and others are part of our total assembly capabilities.
We will fit any brand of instrument onto the appropriate manifold including options and test, tag and ship it to site for "Plug-and-Play" installation by the field contractor.


The HE series heaters is supplied with Explosion Proof certificates covering most of the world.
Bothe ATEX and GOST-R certificate can be downloaded using either of the links below.

Design Features

• Compact Design
• Low Power
• Winterizing and Process Heating
• 100-300Vac / 42-60Hz / 29 or 48 Watts
• Operation Temperature -60 °C to +180 °C.
• EEx d IIC T3/T4 according ATEX and GOST-R
• Self limiting ceramic heating element
• High temperature cable included
• Large contact area to manifold


• Steam heater instead of electric element
• Both metric and imperial steam feed port sizes
• Heater Connection box
• Thermostatic manifold process heater control

HE3 Mounting Example



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