IK-1 Insulation Kit

The Multi Instruments insulation kit provides thermal and mechanical protection to the "weakest" part of any pressure hookup, being the interface between hookup and impulse lines.

Often the connectors are left open and this gap results in a cold spot where liquid inside impulse lines will freeze up making the measurement fail.
The IK-1 insulation kit provides a fire retardant, anti-static and high insulation value cover that connects seamless to the mountingplate on the hookup side and provides a slide over interface to the aluminum insulation cover of the impulse lines.

Added Value

This option along with options like body enclosures, junction boxes, sunshades and others are part of our total assembly capabilities.
We will fit any brand of instrument onto the appropriate manifold including options and test, tag and ship it to site for "Plug-and-Play" installation by the field contractor.

Design Features

• Compact Design
• Anti-Static
• Low weight
• High insulation value (0.025W/(m.K)
• Operation Temperature -100 °C to +175 °C.
• Material Hard PUR resin
• All corrosion resistant materials
• One size fits all assemblies



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