Monoflange manifolds can directly be mounted to a flanged process connection.
Flange dimensions of ½" till 3" are available in combination with different pressure ratings (e.g. 150# till 2500#) and flange finishes (e.g. RF, FF and RTJ).
Flanges can be made as per international standards like ASME, API and EN1092-1.

The close coupled way of mounting pressure instruments combines a pressure or dP/flow/level manifold with a fire safe process valve. It is the perfect combination of a DBB root valve, fittings, process tubing, manifold with bracket into one(1) unit.
This gives huge savings (up to 40%) in material, installation costs, weight and space.
It reduces possible leakage points to a minimum.
The primary isolation valve consists of a Fire Safe Outside Screw and Yoke (OS&Y) needle type valve. Standard PTFE or Grafoil secondary valve heads make SB, SBB, DB, and DBB configurations possible. It is further possible to make the secondary valve head also of the OS&Y valve type.

The complete range of Multi Instruments close coupled manifolds have the Shell piping Type Acceptance Test (TAT).
They fully meet the Shell Piping MESC SPE-77/165, SPE-77/170, SPE-77/300 and SPE-77/312 requirements and conditions.
All the close coupled manifold valves are now available as SPE-77/300 and SPE-77/312 "rate (HS) A" fugitive emission type acceptance tested version.

Isovent Gauge

Pressure type slimline

Differential pressure slimline

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