MD59 SBB/DBB dP/FLow/Level slimline monoflange manifold

This slimline monoflange is designed to replace the primary and secondary process valve assembly and a dP manifold with any DIN19213 / IEC61518 differential pressure transmitter which is needed for dP flow measurement. It is a combination of the primary process isolation valve (O.S.&Y), and a 5-valve level manifold, all integrated in one forged body.

The main advantages are less leaking points, weight saving and up to 35% reduction in installation and maintenance time and costs.

Maximum working pressure is 420 Bar
Maximum temperature is 200°C


Vent and/or testports will always be 1/4" threadsize, independent of process connection sizes.

For ordering information please consult the Model Code Wizard for port connection types available.

Pressure vs. Temperature diagram

Design features

• Self aligning metal seats
• Compact Design
• Non-rotating spindle tip
• Metal seal between body and bonnet
• Bonnet Locking pins
• Firesafe OS&Y Valve
• Safetyback seating T-Bar and Anti-Tamper operated valves
• Full traceability of all materials
• 100% pressure tested


• Flanges in DIN and ANSI 1/2" up to 3"
• Flange ratings 150# up to 2500#
• Available in Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex or NACE compliant materials.
• Body Enclosure available
• EEx manifold heater available
• High temperature up to 450°C
• High pressure up to 680 Bar

Valve diagram


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