MP00 SBB/DBB slimline monoflange, "Pancake"

This slimline monoflange is designed to replace the primary and secondary Process valve assemblies which are usually needed for connection the legs of pressure instruments fitted on a tradional or Close Coupled manifold assembly. It is a combination of the primary process isolation valve (O.S.&Y), an optional bleed, optional secondary valve all integrated in one body.

The main advantages are less leaking points, weight saving and reduction in installation and maintenance time and costs.

This manifold is standard produced in AISI316 material, but "exotic" materials are also available.

Maximum working pressure is 420 Bar
Maximum temperature is 200°C


Vent and/or testports will always be 1/4" threadsize, independent of process connection sizes.

For ordering information please consult the Model Code Wizard for port connection types available.

Pressure vs. Temperature diagram

Design features

• Self aligning metal seats
• Compact Design
• Non-rotating spindle tip
• Metal seal between body and bonnet
• Bonnet Locking pins
• Firesafe OS&Y Valve
• Safetyback seating T-Bar and Anti-Tamper operated valves
• Full traceability of all materials
• 100% pressure tested


• Flanges in DIN and ANSI 1/2" up to 3"
• Flange ratings 150# up to 2500#
• Available in Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex or NACE compliant materials.
• Body Enclosure available
• EEx manifold heater available
• High temperature up to 450°C
• High pressure up to 680 Bar

Valve diagram


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