Special Designs

Special Design solutions

Being a manufacturer, and a one stop shop supplier Multi Instruments has the capability to design and produce a tailor made solution to protect your instrument from the environment. Using the best of both body enclosure and PS-1 technology we can supply a protective enclosure to fit almost any instrument, running from gauges, transmitters, level, radar equipment and more...

Traditional GRP technology

Of course we cannot afford not to produce good old GRP "diabox" enclosures too, in various colors and sizes, but as material technology evolves the use of glass reinforced polyester slowly is replaced with more efficient and less expensive materials, with often better properties compared to GRP. Also insulating and heating GRP is more expensive and less efficient as the insulation is normally glued in after production instead of being an integral part of the enclosure walls, like the BE and PS series enclosures.

Body Enclosure technology

Having our Nyrim based body enclosure series in various sizes and both insulated and non insulated, we can offer a very economic protection for smaller instruments in a custom body enclosure, using it either as a full or as a body enclosure. Close coupled instruments also benefit from body enclosure technology in which even the process flange can be protected by it, making insulation of these kind of measurements a breeze. With is wide temperature range and excellent insulation properties you will only need minimal energy to keep your instruments safe and warm.

PS-1 technology

Using the stainless/insulation sandwich production technology, even strangely shaped instruments can benefit from the extremely good insulation properties of this enclosure technology. This means that even at arctic temperatures, you will only need minimal energy to keep your expensive instruments from freezing up, and you are not limited to the size of standard "off the shelf stock" diabox enclosures. Also in this series enclosures, the excellent insulation properties allow you to run fairly large instruments on only very little heating energy.

The challenge is ours

Using either one of our enclosure production techniques we challenge you to find some instrumentation which we cannot protect against freezing or keep it on a certain process temperature. Up until now we have protected gauges, transmitters, level radars, multiplexers, wireless hubs, gas masks and First Aid eye wash/rinsing stations, grouped transmitter clusters and much more....

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