Multi Instruments Manufacturing is an independent Dutch company which is part of the Multi Instruments Holding company for quite a few years, together with Multi Instruments Analytical and Multi Instruments Instrumentation.

What does Multi Instruments Manufacturing do?

Manufacturing produces, as the name already gives away, (instrumentation) products and parts out of high quality stainless steel alloys, as well as from other more exotic alloys, for the (petro)chemical industries, but mostly as the main manufacturer for Multi Instruments Instrumentation.
For production we use state-of-the-art highly automated CNC controled and TCP/IP-networked cutting, lathe and multi-axis milling stations, supported by an ultra-modern 3D CAD design system (Solid Edge).

Experience and specialism are key!

Ever since the company was founded in 1955, then still under the name Rudo Apparatenfabriek, we worked hard to gain maximum experience and expertise in milling, turning and working with all kinds of stainless steels and other exotic alloys, as well as learning the specific chemical and mechanical properties of these materials for high pressure and/or corrosive applications.
Having a loyal staff, with only minimal changes in personel, we can depend on more than a hundred years of experience in the business, and our people are not only experienced in modern CNC machining, but still have the oldfashioned craftmanship of working with all kinds of stainless alloys manually, as well as the experience in and knowledge of designing products within both your requirements as well as the often stringent industrial specifications.

Quality Assurance Programs

To maintain highest quality and continuity for your and our products our complete organisation holds an ISO9000-2015 QA certification, in which the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU quality and the Eex Directive (ATEX) 2014/34/EU, for design, production and safety certifications are integrated as well. On top of this, our products are approved by various international companies in the chemical and petrochemical industry. We also hold various specific foreign approvals, like we have a Canadian CRN registration for our complete range of products and the Russian GOST-R.

Technology and sustainable production

During the complete production process we try to use the latest technology in all specific steps of making the final products, like energy efficient cutting, turning and milling, non-chemical, non-impact product marking, testing and other parts of the production process. This is why we use non-toxic, environmentally friendly coolants and lubricants, as well as low noise level solid state laser marking. All these sustainable production efforts result in a minimum waste output, of which most is of course recycled again, resulting in cost savings, a cleaner environment and better quality products, which in its turn results in more competitive pricing.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing facility? Please, mail us your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.The Multi Instruments Team


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