BE1-4 Body enclosures BE1, BE2, BE3 and BE4

The Multi Instruments enclosures consist of two mirror image parts manufactured in a flame retardant and impact resistant black DSM® plastic called Nyrim 2000® . The easy snap locks allow quick removal of each side offering maximum access of the instruments inside.

Both sides have interlocking grooves sealed with a silicon based injected seal and an optional integral 15 mm hard PUR insulation shell.

Body enclosures are standard delivered with stainless steel catch lines on both halves to prevent damage caused by falling during removal.
Tailor made openings for your instrument can be machined into the body at customer request.

Added Value

To ensure "Plug-and-Play" installation on-site we specialize in custom instrument hookup services.
Your (free issue supplied) instrument(s) will be fitted onto the appropriate manifold, stainless steel mounting plate and together with other requested options completely assembled, tagged and tested to your specifications.

Body Enclosure Integral Insulation

Side View Drawings

Design Features

  • Compact Design and Light Weight
  • Extends life of field equipment
  • Flame retardant, self extinguishing Nyrim® 2000 acc. VDE 0304 t3 / DIN 75200
  • Anti-Static acc. EN 50014 < 109 Ohm  (actual value is. 4.108 Ohm)
  • Operation Temperature -70 °C to +150 °C.
  • Standard delivery with stainless steel catching lines and back isolator plate/holder.
  • 140(160*)x310x320(400*) mm (HxWxD) (*BE3/4)


  • Extended thermal insulated version
  • Electrical manifold heaters EEx
  • Various types Stainless Steel mounting plates
  • Nyrim® Sunshade
  • Test Connection box
  • Heater Connection box
  • Integrated test connector (NAM/SHELL)
  • Process Connector insulation cover
  • Thermostatic manifold process heater control

Examples Images

Body Enclosure K-Value

Top View Drawings



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